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A Glimpse of ALS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance in India:

ALS Ambulance Services

ALS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support that also referred to ACLS as Advanced Cardiac Life Support. ALS is one of the most vital steps in the American Heart Association’s Chains of Survival which is a sequence of activities that can increase survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and other emergencies.

There are five critical actions include in ALS:
  1. Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency response system
  2. Early high-quality CPR with an emphasis on chest compressions
  3. Rapid defibrillation
  4. Effective advanced life support
  5. Integrated post-cardiac arrest care

In India, ALS Ambulance is a roadway medical evacuation service privilege. The Advanced Life Support Medical Setup is produced in Tata Motor & Force Travellers Vehicles. With a mammoth space, the emergency medical setup also encourages the patients’ healthcare and safety.
As a medical professional team unit, one doctor and one paramedic are available to the patient. Three family members also travel along with their loved one’s sake.
ALS Roadway Ambulance Service measures a maximum of 100 Kilometer in an hour. The average speed of this ambulance service is 80 km/h. Fuel Tank Capacity is 70 liters and Engine Displacement is 2596cc or 3245 cc.

ALS Road Ambulance Service
Good choice of people – ALS Ambulance Service in India

Mainly, we all know about all the ambulance services such as air, train, and road ambulance services. Air Ambulance and Train Ambulance Service both are comfortable and time-saving in comparison with Road Ambulance Service.
This is the patient and none knows when it does need to transfer from one hospital to another hospital. Here, ALS Road Ambulance Service is quickly available anytime in India with complete medical ICU supplements and a doctor’s team. This ambulance service is really a good choice among all the people not only in India but also in the world.
ALS Ambulance Service is capable of transferring all departments of emergency and severe patients with the help of the medical team and emergency devices. This ambulance is well-developed for all ages of patients’ care and treatment sake. Both short and long distances can easily be measured up with this ambulance service.

What emergency equipment does this Advanced Life Support Ambulance keep during the medical journey?

In fact, this Advanced Life Support Ambulance keeps A to Z emergency and non-emergency medical equipment during the journey. These are the whole sets of portable emergency medical equipment where the patient gets full-time medical care, treatment, and monitor under Bed-2-Bed Service.
The name of some advanced emergency equipment sets is- Adult or Neonatal Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, Nebulizer, Nasal Masks, Laryngoscope, Emergency Medicines, Regulator, SPO2 Prob, Glucometer, Stethoscope, and so on.
The team of two expert EMTs takes care of the patient during the medical journey. The complete medical journey is well-established with high-care advanced medical care and support.

How does ASHA Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd. provide this ALS Roadway Ambulance in Patna or India?

As people know, this private limited ambulance company runs more than two digits ambulance services in Patna, Bihar. This ambulance company has a huge team of ICU Medical Professionals who participate in this ambulance service.
According to the patients’ requirements, this ISO Certified ambulance company arranges and provides this ambulance with an advanced medical setup in Patna. This ambulance service company has all over India associates who also help needy people.


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