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Bihat IV is a village panchayat that is located in the Begusarai district of Bihar in India. This village is 13 km far from Begusarai. There are some hospitals and clinics where people get their medical treatment and solutions. In the case of emergency conditions, Asha Ambulance Service in Bihat IV also helps them to transfer from this city to Begusarai, Patna, or another city. Being an emergency ambulance service company, it is active and quick all the time being.
Hospitals in Bihat: Sanjeevani Hospital, Rajya Chikitsa Seva Kendra & Hospital, Max Hospital, and Health Care Centre
Distance between Bihat IV to Begusarai: 14 km (30 minutes)
Distance between Bihat IV to Patna: 135 km (3.15-3.45 Hours)

In accordance with the patients’ requirements to move one place to another place to get medical treatment, Asha Ambulance Service from Bihat IV is easily available on-phone round the clock. This ambulance service company is an ISO Certified and medically registered to take the response of emergency patients. To displace the patients, this emergency ambulance service provider offers all the facilities of medical convenience and privileges. This ambulance service has all types of medical evacuation vehicles such as- Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, and Train Ambulance Service.
Usually, the patients from this city first go to the near city hospital to get their medical treatment. In the case of emergency or lack of higher treatment, they look for another city hospital. In this situation, Asha Ambulance Service in Bihat IV always provides the patients' Ventilator Ambulance, Cardiac Ambulance, Oxygen Ambulance, Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Basic Life Support Ambulance, Emergency ICU Ambulance, Normal Ambulance, AC Ambulance, and Accidental Care Ambulance. This emergency medical evacuation service is totally based on from one bed to the destination bed with medical team and medical equipment.
In addition to these ground ambulance services, Asha Ambulance Service, AAS also provides Air Charter Ambulance, Charter Aircraft Medical Flight, Jet Aircraft Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Wheelchair, Train Ambulance, and Emergency Cardiac Ambulance for a long-distance medical journey. All the medical convenience are mainly regulated by one of the most dedicated and expert ICU medical personnel. This is the Quality Management ICU Service where any people trust us and pay the genuine price.

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