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Welcome To Asha Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd.| Air Charter Ambulance | Road Ambulance | Cardiac Care Ambulance | Train Ambulance | Coffin Box | Freezer Box | Dead Body Transport | 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance | Helpline No: +91 87571-51890


24/7×365 Hours Emergency Patients' Transportation Services in West Bengal, India

About West Bengal Ambulance Services

Emergency Air, Road, Train, EMS Ambulance Services in West Bengal

Medical Transportation from Kolkata to other city:
Kolkata – Delhi,
Kolkata – Chennai,
Kolkata – Mumbai,
Kolkata – Bangalore,
Kolkata – Chennai,
Kolkata to Vellore,
Kolkata to Hyderabad

There is a list of Accredited Hospitals in West Bengal:
  • Fortis Hospital, Anandapur – 400 Beds
  • Fortis Hospital Limited, Kolkata – 400 Beds
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital – 510 Beds
  • M Birala Heart Research Centre, Kolkata – 800 Beds
  • The Calcutta Medical Research Institute – 400 Beds
  • AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria – 1000 Beds
  • AMRI Hospital, Mukundapur – 180 Beds
  • AMRI Hospital, Salt Lake – 210 Beds
  • IRIS Hospital, Baghajatin – 100 Beds
  • DESUN Hospital, Kolkata – 400 Beds
  • Medica Super specialty Hospital, Kolkata – 320 Beds
  • Ruby General Hospital Ltd, Kolkata – 278 Beds
  • Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata – 240 Beds
  • Institute of Neuro Sciences, Kolkata – 150 Beds
  • Narayana Super-Specialty Hospital, Howrah – 1000 Beds
  • HLG Memorial Hospital, Burdwan – 150 Beds

Types of Emergency Medical Equipment:

Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Suction Machine, Glucometer, Pulse Oximeter, Vein Circuits, SPO2 Prob, Ambu Bags, Laryngoscope, Extension Board, Oxygen Cylinders, Flow Meter, ET Tube, NG Tube, Folic, Candela, Gouge Piece, Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Mask, Nasal Candela, PMO Line, 3 Way, Thermometer, Glucose, etc.

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Welcome To Asha Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd.| Air Charter Ambulance | Road Ambulance | Cardiac Care Ambulance | Train Ambulance | Coffin Box | Freezer Box | Dead Body Transport | 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance | Helpline No: +91 87571-51890

Air Ambulance Service in West Bengal:

There are two International Airports like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and Bagdogra International Airport located in this state. The domestic airports' names are Durgapur Airport, Balurghat Airport, Cooch Behar Airport, Behala Airport (Flying Club), Malda Airport, and Kharagpur Airport.

Mainly, both International and domestic airports are used to transfer the patient from one city to another city. This is a private limited ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE that shifts the patient by these aeromedical routes. The city of this state mostly goes to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and the other major cities.

ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE PVT LTD is an emerging and accredited aeromedical rescue service in West Bengal. This private limited ambulance service is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Ambulance Company that supplies full-time high-care emergency medical intensive care unit service. This ambulance service provider takes full-time responsibility to transfer the patient from one bed to the destination with the aeromedical rescue team.

This air ambulance service company in West Bengal ensures airlifting from Kolkata and Bagdogra Airport to another major city. In accordance with the patient distance, the people hire us and shift their loved ones for their higher medical treatment sake. The Aeromedical Team of this private limited ambulance company provides all the accessories of emergency equipment along with the patient. The private air charter ambulance or medical flight is based on King Air B200, King Air C90, Pilatus PC12, and the other charter aircraft medical flights.

Air Ambulance Service follows Airport to Airport and the remaining distance is covered by Road Ambulance Service. Here, this ambulance company provides this air ambulance service with the full-time medication, care, treatment, and transportation facility under Bed-2-Bed service. Seventy percent of patients go to New Delhi Hospitals for higher medical treatment and this ambulance service also assists them. Thirty Percent of Patients go to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and the other major cities for their patients' treatment sake.

This ambulance service company provides all over India patients transportation privileges, therefore the patient can go anywhere in India with us. We and our medical team unit contribute our best in each medical journey. This is an emergency service where we are always available to them on phone. The aeromedical rescue service is the fastest and the most sensitive medical journey; therefore we are always on-duty round the clock.


Train Ambulance Service in West Bengal:

In fact, there are many railway stations in West Bengal. The 20 Major Railway Stations are located in West Bengal State are Howrah Junction (HWH), Sealdah (SDAH), Asansol Junction (ASN), Kharagpur Junction (KGP), Bardhaman Junction (BWN), New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP), Naihati Junction (NH), Kolkata (KOAA), Durgapur Junction (DGR), New Cooch Behar (NCB), Malda Town (MLDT), Rampur Hat Junction (RPH), Bandel Junction (BDC), New Alipurduar (NDQ), Kolkata Shalimar (SHM), New Farakka Junction (NFK), Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP), Raniganj (RNG), Adra Junction (ADRA), and Bankura Junction (BQA).

According to the privileges of medical evacuation services through these railway stations, there are a few railway stations whence the patients are transferred by Train Ambulance Service. Howrah Railway, Sealdah Junction, New Jalpaiguri Junction, Kharagpur Junction, and Durgapur Junction are the top-notch railway stations from where this railway ambulance service occurs smoothly. ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE PVT LTD in West Bengal plays an important role to transfer the emergency, accidental, and scheduled patients from this state to another major city hospital by Train Ambulance Service.

This is the railway line medical transportation service that always saves time and money. The emergency medical evacuation team unit (Doctors, Paramedical Technicians, and Nurses) is one of the most supportive hands who take care of the patient and monitor him full-time during the medical journey. The medical accommodation is based on an e-ICU setup where all departments of patients easily get full-time intensive caring and treatment.

This private limited ambulance company provides full-time medication, a bed-2-bed service facility, and experienced medical supervision from one bed to the destination bed. The sets of portable emergency equipment are moveable along with the patient where the patient does not have any trouble in this medical journey. Doctor and Paramedical Technicians operate this train ambulance service and one operational team always assists them.

Train Ambulance Service is based on Junction to Junction transportation and the balance medical journey is covered with the help of Advanced Life Support Road Ambulance Service. This ambulance service company shifts the patient providing both railway and roadway ambulance service with the Bed-2-Bed Package.

Road Ambulance Service in West Bengal:

Road Ambulance Service is the easiest mode of patient transportation all over the world. Primarily, Road Ambulance transfers all types of patients such as accidental, emergency, ICU, bed-ridden person, sick, and so on. According to the patient’s requirements, this road ambulance service is divided into two forms – ALS Road Ambulance and BLS Road Ambulance.

ALS Road Ambulance Service stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and it is always available for emergency and ICU patients. The entire scenario of this road ambulance service is as same as Intensive Care Unit accommodation. All the sets of emergency medical equipment such as Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pumps, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, Nebulizer Machine, Ambu Bags, Extension Board, External Pacemaker, and Defibrillator are adjusted in this ambulance. Two medical team members (Doctor and Paramedic) are available inside this ambulance service that takes care of the patient. This ambulance service covers both short and long distance medical journey.

BLS Road Ambulance Service stands for Basic Life Support and it is always available for normal, accidental, and sick patients. This ambulance service is based on instant medical transfer where one paramedical technician takes care of the patient and shifts him. The internal scenario of this ambulance is plain where oxygen cylinders, first-aids, and basic medication are available to the patient. In fact, this ambulance service is used to transfer a normal patient. This ambulance mostly travels within 200-kilo meters medical journey.

ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE PVT LTD in West Bengal provides both roadway ambulance services. The associates of this private limited ambulance company help all over India patients.

We provide all over India Ambulance Services on Phone.

An ISO Certified 9001:2015 Private Limited Ambulance Service Company in India

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