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Welcome To Asha Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd.| Air Charter Ambulance | Road Ambulance | Cardiac Care Ambulance | Train Ambulance | Coffin Box | Freezer Box | Dead Body Transport | 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance | Helpline No: +91 87571-51890


24×7 Hours Emergency Patients' Transportation Services in India

Emergency Ambulance Services in Gaya, Bihar

All over India Ambulance Services Ventilator Support & Oxygen Support Doctors' Team with ICU Equipment Setup 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance Coffin Box & Freezer Box Ritual Privileges Embalming Preservation & Dead Body Transportation

Air Ambulance

Asha Ambulance Service provides all types of Air Ambulance Rescue Evacuation System in Patna or from Patna. The fastest air charter ambulance service is receivable by anyone in 4 hours while commercial stretcher service is available to the needy after some procedures. Air Ambulance Service is the fast medical evacuation convenience in which Asha Air Ambulance from Patna almost provides a complete ICU package to severe or emergency patients under bed-2-bed service system.


Cardiac Ambulance

Asha Ambulance Service in Patna offers Cardiac Care Ambulance to all the classes of people. This 24 hours cardiac care ambulance is accommodated with well-furnished all the sets of emergency equipment. The healthcare vehicle is built with Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, External Pacemaker, Defibrillator, and the whole basic and standard life stocks. Any faculty of patients can move along with us anywhere in India from Patna.


Train Ambulance

Asha Rail Ambulance in Patna is one of the most standard and high-responsive railway line medical transportation services. The ICU specialists, Doctors, and Paramedic conduct this train medical transport service from Patna to anywhere in India. The emergency medical all sets of accessories are available to the patients from one bed to the destination bed. This Rail Ambulance Service is always cheaper than air ambulance service where the patients get the full-time monitoring.


Corpse Ambulance

Embalming is the process of where preservation of the dead body to keep it safe, temperature maintained, and fresh. This embalming process takes 4 to 6 hours to inject fluid into the sacred body. The embalming lab or mortuary is used for the process. Asha Ambulance Service Pvt Ltd provides these Embalming privileges to the sacred body in Patna as well as over India. After embalming, the dead body is kept in a coffin box and delivers to the destination by Ambulance or Cargo Airlines.


Freezer Box

Asha Ambulance Service from Patna is fully dedicated to all the people of this evolving city. The mortuary and freezer box are also available to everyone anytime. Asha Ambulance provides the spacious and sanitized dead body transportation accommodation. This 24/7 hour service provider has all types of freezer box like wooden, stainless steel, and metalled freezer box service. The needy one anytime can avail of this mortuary or freezer box service to displace from one place to another.


Coffin Box

In fact, Coffin Box is a pious casket where the dead body is kept to bury. This is made of wood, metal, or other materials. ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE PVT LTD provides this Coffin Box in different qualities and sizes. This private Ltd ambulance company provides all over India coffin box delivery facilities. The coffin box is used to deliver the dead body after embalming preservation by commercial airlines in different cities in India. This company provides this coffin box delivery in time with full-time responsiblity.


About Ambulance Service in Gaya, Bihar

Air | Road | Train | Ambulance | Emergency | Gaya

Asha Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd is an ISO certified and medical authorized service provider. This service provider is located in Kankarbagh, Patna, and also serves the patients of Gaya. Basically, the patients from Gaya are referred to as Patna multi-specialty or super-specialty hospitals for their further treatments. Here, Asha Ambulance Service from Gaya is rounding up for 24/7 hours to lift the patients. By providing ground ambulance service in all the districts of Bihar, this ambulance service provider is associated with all the healthcare units in Gaya.
Asha Cardiac Care Road Ambulance has numerous ground-level ambulances which are available in different cities. Especially, In Gaya, this ambulance service provides Cardiac Care Ambulance, Ventilator Ambulance, Basic Life Support Ambulance, and ICU Ambulance. Anyone can call us anytime to avail of these ambulances; we are active 24/7 hours to lift the patients from one place to another place. This is the ambulance cost which is always lower in comparison with the others.

Hospitals in Gaya- Anurag Narayan Magadh Medical College, Atlantis Hospital, Maa Ambe Nursing Home, A N Magadh Medical College And Hospital, Maa Bhawani Seva Sadan, Subham Nursing Home, Abhineet N H And Research Centre, Advanced Eye Care Centre, Agrawal Surgicalclinic And Hospital, Al-Zahir Navjeevan Hospital And Reasearch Center, Dr Prashant Nandkeolyar Nursing Home, Dr Vinod Kumar Singh, Dr. Asha Singhs Nursing Home, Get - Well Hospital And Research Centre, Health Touch Hospital, Satyam Hospital, and Rog Nidan Charitable Hospital

Distance between Gaya to Patna 101 KMs
Time Travelled by Road Ambulance – 3.00-3.30 Hours

Air | Road | Train | Ambulance | Emergency | Gaya

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Cardiac Care Ambulance | ICU or CCU Ambulance Service
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Air Charter Ambulance | Charter Aircraft Medical Flight
Commercial Stretcher in Airlines | Wheelchairs
Dead Body Transportation | Mortuary Vans
Embalming | Coffin Box | Freezer Box Transfer Service
Funeral & Ritual Ambulance Services

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